Removing a tree from your yard safety

If you decide you want to remove that humongous tree from your backyard make sure you look at all of the details that you need to before taking on this huge job. You need to make sure you can perform all the tasks you will need to and be able to manage the work. Sometimes it will be in your better interest to hire a professional to get rid of the tree but, there will sometimes be where you will be able to finish the task yourself and save yourself the money and hassle of finding a reliable person to finish the task as you wish it to be completed.

Assess the scope of the project.

Before you start your task of removing the tree you need to examine the entire job and make sure it’s going to be something you can handle to take on. Make sure there are not any buildings, power/utility lines, plant growths, neighboring property or driveways that may be damaged in the process of removing this tree. When you remove a tree wherever it was rooted will look completely different so make sure you want to for sure empty this space. You may not exactly be a fan of what space looks like once the tree is uprooted. IF the tree is dead or in the process of dying you don’t have a choice on removing it or not because to keep your yard safe and looking clean, tidy and attractive you need to get rid of dead growth.

Prepare for the job.

Make sure you notice and take note of what the natural growth pattern of the tree is because that is the direction you want to have the tree fall when removing it. You need to plan what way you will go after you cut the tree down. You will need to make sure you have a chainsaw so you can take down a large tree but, if the tree is small, then a small hand saw will do the job perfectly fine.

The removal process.

The first step in tree removal is making an undercut. This means placing a V-shaped groove into the trunk, so that will be able to control which direction the said tree will end up falling once it has been cut down. 90 degrees in an optimal V-shaped groove so don’t mistake it for 45 degrees. Make sure the groove is equal to one-quarter of the trunks diameter in depth. Now you need to go to the opposite side of the tree’s trunk and make a cut on the back which is roughly two inches above the V-shaped groove on the other side of the tree. Once you make this cut in the back, the tree will or should fall in the direction of the groove you made on the one side. Make sure you turn off the chainsaw and move away from the tree in the direction you chose so you can stay safe from harm. Do not stay near the trunk of the tree while the tree is in the falling stage. Once down use the chainsaw to cut off the limbs from the tree trunks area. Move from the bottom of the trunk to the top. Once you finish all you will have is one single, simple log, cut this log into several pieces so you can haul it off easier.

The remaining stump.

With the remaining remnants of the stump, you have a few different options to choose from. You can let it be, and it will decay on its own, you can try to muster up the strength somehow to dig the entire stump up by yourself, you can drill holes into the stump and place chemicals inside that will make decomposition happen a lot faster or you can call a professional to come out and remove it for you.

Hiring a professional.

Don’t be afraid to admit help if you know you need it. Maple Ridge tree services offers professional removal. If the trunk of the tree you just cut is enormous, you can easily hire someone within the profession and have them do the job. If the tree has any issues like empty holes or wounds hire a professional.  In this case, removing it by yourself could be a very dangerous scenario because you won’t be able to make the tree fall what way you want it to sometimes.