Pastor Sunday Adelaja
Religious and Racial Discrimination Against Prominent Black Leader in Kiev, Ukraine.

Chicago, Illinois,USA – August 24, 2012 - Recently, the international community rallied around Iranian Pastor, Yousef Naderkhani who was facing execution because of his Christian faith. It appears another case of discrimination against a Christian Pastor is ongoing – this time in Kiev, Ukraine.

On Tuesday, August 28, 2012, Sunday Adelaja, an African immigrant in Ukraine, who founded and leads what is considered the largest Evangelical church in Europe, has been asked to report to the police base to be detained without trials over unproven allegations of leading a criminal ring in Kiev. In a case that has been under investigation for four years without any evidence to support the allegations, many around the world believe these allegations are false and are motivated by racial and religious discrimination.

Persecution of Pastor Sunday Adelaja in Ukraine: Time for the world to act

By Segun Olanipekun 08/22/2012

In August 2011, I had a marathon interview in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, with Pastor Sunday Adelaja, the Nigerian-born founder and senior pastor of the Embassy of God Church in Ukraine about his pace-setting ministry, his perennial ordeal at the hands of the Ukrainian government and the local Orthodox Church.

My Prayer for Pastor Sunday on his 45th birthday

Another special season of grace and favor has come to the Embassy of God. Another season of mercy and love has come to our family. The celebration of the birth of a great man is indeed a year of jubilee.

I am privileged to be married to a great man! My life has been transformed and I have come to witness the father’s love. In moments like these I sing out a song, a love song to Jesus. I sing songs of praise to God, the Creator of all things. As we celebrate pastor Sunday’s 45th birthday, I want to thank God for making our paths to cross. I want to thank Pastor for his leadership and friendship. Thank you for peace at home, support in the field and all the preciousmemories that fill our life.

November 2012 HMT - Come and be a part of it!

Dear friends, 

We will like to use this medium to invite you for our next History Makers Training scheduled to take place in November 2012. 

The History Makers Training is a God inspired program that Pastor Sunday Adelaja was led to initiate. It is a training program tailored specifically for all those who consider themselves to be history makers. In the words of many, the History Makers Training is simply life transforming.

So if you will like to be a part of it and for more information, please email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

In the meantime, please remember to read through the inspiring testimonies of past HMT participants by going first to"History Maker" section and then to the "Testimonies" page.  

God bless. 

Yours in Him,Administration of the Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations


Dear brethren,

I woke up with an extra bounce in my step this morning. Why? Allow me to expound.
You see when Jesus rose on the third day, all hell broke loose. As Genesis 3: 15 was played out before his very eyes, the devil became aware of his folly. Killing Jesus was the greatest mistake he had ever made! He tried to kill Jesus and to top it up, he had a great stone laid across His tomb to ensure Jesus would never get out. Yet little did he know that everything he did was part of the plan.So Jesus spent three days in the earth BUT on the third day AND at the appointed time, Jesus rose again! Brethren just like Jesus, your troubles will never be able to hold you down. All your stones of adversity will be the same stones that God will use to lift you up and catapult you to the next level. Likewise your sorrows can not keep you bound! Your trials and tribulations cannot keep you tied up! Your situation may look impossible but at the appointed time, you will experience victory! Your trials may seem like they are about to take you out but at the set time, you will see the salvation of the Lord! Just like Jesus, your “third day” is around the corner! The same resurrection power that raised Jesus from the dead is available to you also so that we can now be a living testament to His goodness and the power of God to overcome all our troubles, trials, tribulations, pains, sorrows and adversities.
What the devil tried to use to destroy you, you will overcome.What the devil tried to use to destroy you, God will in turn use to strengthen you. By the power that worketh in you, you will overcome and defeat everything that the devil throws at you.And together with God, you will become a formidable force used to deliver others going through the very same adversity that you overcame.


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Pastor says...

Beloved every child of God has a vision and a mission. Every child of God will also have to go through the Wilderness. The wilderness is a place of trials and a place of difficulty. It is a time where everything seems to be getting worse.

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