Lesson 6: Delay is NOT denial – never lose hope.
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When you’ve done everything right but results aren’t forthcoming as quickly as you expect, don’t give up because your time is surely coming.

It took two years before Joseph’s efforts in the prison produced a result, but when it did, what a result!

Though his former cellmate promptly forgot all about him when he was released and restored to his old position, it was for a reason and Joseph did not lose hope.

Let’s imagine for a minute that the king’s butler did not forget about Joseph and told the king about him immediately. The best thing that could have happened from that scenario would be that Joseph would also be restored to his former position – as a slave – because the king didn’t need him yet! Isn’t that interesting? God waited until Joseph was needed at the very highest level in the land before allowing his former cellmate to remember him. By that time, the king was troubled by his own dream – not just worried, but troubled! I love it! He was desperate for a solution and would give anything to get it.

Do you think Joseph could have asked for that level of compensation had he been asked to ‘name his price’? Don’t you think the reward the king gave for the translation of his dream was ‘very generous’ to say the least?

God never forgets and even when it looks like nothing is happening, He continues to orchestrate things in the background so that at the right time, the outcome will be super abundantly above what you could have imagined! (Eph 3:20)

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