Heating Equipment: Repair Or Replace?

When considering whether you should repair or replace your heating system, there are many factors that should go into your final decision.

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost of repairing the system should be compared to how much a replacement would be. To make this comparison, you will need to get some quotes for the price of heating repair and replacement.

The most important thing to take into account when comparing the costs of repair or replacement is the age of the system. If your system is coming towards the end of its life expectancy, then this problem may be the first in a long line of issues. In this case, it may be more cost effective to replace your heating system rather than keep paying for repairs when a replacement will probably be needed shortly.

Consider The Efficiency Of The Heating System

The Annual Fuel Utilisation Efficiency number is used to measure the amount of fuel that is converted to heat rather than being lost through inefficiency. It is often displayed as a percentage figure.

A system that is 20 years old will probably have an AFUE of around 70%. Systems that you can purchase today will not have an AFUE that is less than 80%, and some of them can be as high as 95%. This means that your system will be between 10 and 25% more efficient and that you will cut your energy bills by the same percentage. The more efficient a heating system is, the more it will cost to purchase initially, but you also have a greater capacity to recoup the money you have spent through savings in heating costs.

When deciding which system to choose it is worth working out how quickly it would take you to make back the money, you will be spending. If this seems like a reasonable time, then it may be worth spending a little extra to get an efficient system.