Why are we not great in the Kingdom of God?

Pastor Sunday Adelaja: Why are we not great in the Kingdom of God? (May, 2010)

The user mentality

1. Churches are like “seal beaches”

Our so called wellbeing turns us into lazy seals. We accumulate the fat of laziness and do not care about strengthening our loins.

To live in God means for us to work on developing ourselves every single second.

2. Passive egoists

People are used to going to church, having their friends and relations there, they do not skip any of the main church events (because church has become a part of their subculture), but they do nothing in practice. Their motto is not to overload themselves! Not to expose themselves! To do minimum work! Such people will always find many reasons as to why it is impossible to complete leadership school, and to start a ministry. They understand that it is necessary to have a ministry (because of public image) and they choose a bright one under a high-sounding title, but they take a passive position in it. They do only what is needed to keep themselves afloat.

3. Active egoists

Bright individuals, they can assume leadership roles, be active, but their motive for going to church and serving people is “here I will establish myself, I will be discovered and be able to achieve my goal, squeeze myself through and then…” Such a person will achieve his goal, take everything he needs and…”move on”. This kind of people will complete the leaders’ schools, but their aim is to get into pastor’s group just for themselves. They do not feel pain for the people and do not want to lay down their lives at the foot of Christ. After achieving their goal, they go to another place and look for new pastures with fresh food.

4. I, for me and once more for me. (Bring me God on a platter)

Our people have become used to living for themselves. After 70 years of restrictions we want to enjoy life: we act like "everyone owes us”, and we treat God the same way: “He died for me, didn’t He? So I take advantage of it”.

This motive has something in common with the previous one. People want to receive anointing, blessings, prosperity, but they do not want to pay the price with their efforts, diligence and health. They accept the God Who gives, but reject the God Who expects to receive fruit and glory from our deeds.

People are too busy to solve the problems which God’s Kingdom is there to solve. Relationship with God takes work and a price has to be paid. By the way, this price you pay the most in your secret prayer room. However, there is no passion, no desire to pay the price, to seek Him, know Him, because the progressive church “brings God on a platter”.

Relationship with God

5. “Religion is the opium for people”

Our pastor is absolutely non-religious, yet we are very religious. Cliché is our way of thinking, as the pastor explained in his home group recently: we see something, think that we know about it, immediately put a label on it and move on. We do not study in depth, but think and live superficially. Pastor’s way of thinking and living is perceptively.

6. We divide our life into the religious one and common one.

We do not want to become committed, because we will have to sacrifice a lot. The root of this problem: we do not have a deep and close communication with God.

Friendship with God is the pastor’s main secret. Can we boast of the same?

7. We do not love God with all our hearts.

Today many Christians behave themselves according to Jesus’ words, when He said that we called His name, but our hearts were so far from Him. They want Him to supply all their needs, while they remain on the same level. The main problem – people do not love God.

8. Secret room

All changes begin in the secret room, from a personal and close relationship with God. We do not know God nor love Him that much, which is why we do not do our best for Him. We do not have close relations with Him, we do not know Him. We hear about Him, but do not know Him.

9. Gratitude is the way to success

I remember months of thanksgiving when none of us was to ask God for anything, but only give thanks. It drew people closer to God and what’s more a lot of miracles happened after doing this non-stop for a month. Now is probably the right time for church members to focus on personal praise and worship to God.

We are obsessed with ourselves, our problems and our success and that is why we neither live for God nor work for Him, but seek our own good. Instead of asking ourselves “how can it serve His Kingdom?” We ask the question “Why should I do it and how can it help me?”

10. We are unable to trust God completely

When a man lives for most of his life leaning on his own strength or on the help of his parents, spouse, children, co-workers or government, it is difficult for him to entrust all of his concerns to God. He tries to do things on his own, rejecting God’s help.

11. It is hard for us to die to ourselves and our own ambitions (or ear-flapped fur hat)

To live with Christ means to carry our cross along with Him, go through difficulties, trials and persecutions. It is hard. Everyone wants to believe in the merciful God Who gives us life and gives it to the fullest. It means that we want God to help us accomplish all our plans and dreams, but we do not want to help God fulfill His plans on Earth.

It is our inability to hear God’s voice and unwillingness to hear that which we do not want to hear.

12. Superficial attitude towards the word of God

People do not realize that their home, motherland, and destination is Heaven. People are too “earthly” to accept God’s aims and rid themselves of selfishness. (They lack a personal communication with God).

13. It may not be much, but it’s mine

The contrition of heart before God is not sufficiently deep and complete. People are still living for themselves, their own interests and small goals. It’s not much, but it’s theirs.

From a little seed a big tree grows that will hold the man in focus of achieving the main goal of life – spreading the principles of God’s Kingdom into all areas of life.

There is no fear of God: they only know God as a loving Father.

14. Old-timers of the church – “A burned out candle”

People, who have been going to church for 7-15 years, they know all truths and remember all preachers. They have participated in a vast number of conferences and services. They have completed several biblical schools… Their sensitivity to the Word may very well be atrophied. They are like old people who have nostalgia for irretrievable years of their Christian youth… Their main enemy is religion and satisfaction. They have received a lot, but they did not cast their bread upon the waters, did not give away their knowledge, and did not put it into practice. It is hard to move such people from their place by new calls and encourage them to do something.

Only a strong prayer and the contrition of heart can help them. If God erases their memory, they will receive fresh information. We can compare them to an e-mail inbox: there is no room for new information. The box is full and a new box is needed.

Illusions, myths, delusions

Christian people live in illusions drawn by devils and they deceive themselves.

15. “The Magic Flower”

People believe that if pastor prays for them, everything will be fine by itself.

16. “For me or not for me”

We are selective. Even if we listen to sermons, we select only the things we like and do not notice the rest.

17. Comfort is my God

People do not want to pay price for worthy things, because it seems to be too expensive. People often serve their own peace and comfort. Christianity is for me, but I am not for Christianity: the easy way of living.

A man thinks: I am saved, all of my problems are under God’s control, but I will go my own way. I can even make the Bible suit me.

People often listen, but do not hear. The reason is our passivity, laziness of mind and our unhealthy self-confidence that causes us to become careless. Many people live in captivity of classic myths – “I do not like this one; this is not for me; this is not on my level; I have no time; this is not worth wasting my time on!”… The root of this problem is selfishness and pride. We have received salvation, but the process of transforming into the image of Christ has not yet been completed. For some people it has been already neglected and for other people it has just started.

A man tries to match his own conception with the suitable conception of God (“our power is in doing nothing” or “Rahab the Do-Nothing”; “the birds of the air do not sow or reap…”). The problem is that this conception can be his delusion and fatal mistake, but wrong interpretation of the law does not set you free from responsibility.

People have turned the pastor into a drug, an addiction. They do not go to church to get prepared and change the world.

This is self-delusion: they live by so called high values, but act like unbelievers.

18. “Oh muse, visit me!”

Many people have become accustomed to doing something only by inspiration. They wait until a muse comes, but it does not come. They do not have a habit to do what they do not want to do.

19. A pastor’s disservice

We are accustomed to a situation where the pastor does a lot and does it for us, or at the very best we do it together. The Pastor desires with all his heart to help every one of us, but unfortunately to many of us it becomes a disservice. This is the old mentality. Unless we get rid of it and start thinking as a new gene pool, taking full responsibility for the future of the nation, the idea of a generation with a new mentality will remain just another good idea. Many of us do not understand that pastor has already given birth to his children – us, but not only given birth, but has also brought us up. Our duty is to create a new generation – a new gene pool; and you cannot do it by waiting for God and pastor to do all the work. You need to point your finger at yourself and understand that you are a history maker!

20. Food from someone else’s fridge

We are used to having one source – our pastor, but it is necessary for us to become independent sources.

21. We are stuffed with information

People do not value their pastor. They are used to having plenty of information.

Our attitude towards people

22. Attention! People!

We are not as attentive towards people as our pastor.

Pastor loves all his children of God, but we do not, at least not always.

People do not really know pastor just as a result of seeing him at the pulpit every week, because those who are able to be close to him do not recreate an accurate image of him. For example, when they delegate the tasks assigned to volunteers by the pastor, they often say “urgent” or “pastor said”. There are no personal relations, when this inner circle relays the pastor’s words. They do not show his spirit, his father’s heart, his attentive attitude to people and the love he feels. Instead they express their own emotions and conclusions. That is why many people think the pastor is a machine, who is not interested in people, their feelings, emotions and lives, but needs only the results of their work, for profit and his own interest.

23. Indifference towards people

We want someone to care about us, but we are in no hurry to care about other people. It always seems that someone else can do the job, but we need to settle our own lives first. Only when everything is settled, then we will do our best to serve God and people.

Pastor cares for every one of God’s sheep even unto tears, but we don’t.

24. No Mark of quality

Leaders are unable to convey the main message to their people. Leaders do not see the potential in other people.

25. A burned-out light bulb

This is the inability to inflame people with an idea, a dream, or a goal.

26. A broken chain

People do not train followers.

27. The word has not become flesh for us

Pastor Sunday has tested the system of the Kingdom of God on his own life but we have not.

Pastor Sunday has materialized the system of the Kingdom of God but we have not.

There is our inability to learn and apply the knowledge and to be effective. Our head is like a sieve: the information flies in one ear and goes out of the other– not many words become flesh.

The slave mentality

28. What about instruction?

People have the mentality of slaves and want to be ruled!

People are lazy by nature; they expect that they will be given full instructions for required action instead of studying the subject for themselves. For example, when the pastor said to start a social movement or social organizations. Now many people expect that he will tell them how to do it and will provide instructions on this subject. It means that people have gotten used to being executors (and not always trustworthy), but not entrepreneurs.

29. Slave mentality. Unwillingness to take responsibility even for oneself

“In past times, the Communist Party did the thinking for me and now I will let the church and pastors think for me”. That is why there are no real men. They give promises left and right but do not keep them.

“Why should I think, make decisions, or do anything for that matter? After all, I would then have to be responsible for that. It is easier to be the executor "Take this, go there."

People do not plan their lives, allowing the circumstances to take the upper hand over their lives!

Wrong priorities

30. Misunderstanding God’s priorities

Lack of proper priorities in life that are supposed to keep a person in shape; not allowing him to be idle and distracted. People spend a lot of time on empty things, but the most important things remain unaffected. It hinders their development and makes them lose their focus.

Living for others and not for me becomes my priority. This does not mean that I do not love myself anymore. On the contrary! I’m starting to love myself so much, that I do not to lead a wasteful life. Harmony in my life consists of serving, in which I should not spare myself.

31. Misunderstanding what it means to live for God

People think that living for God means just our righteous life. But living for God means you need to go and change the society, spreading the principles of the Kingdom. Taking the view of the post-Soviet man, God is like an emotional experience. Even if they accept God in their hearts, He does not mean a lot in their lives. The stereotypes, armouring protection and distrust prevent them from changing their lifestyle.

Problems of a personal nature

32. Slogan people

The walking slogan proclaimers. They will point you in the way you have to go, will offer a slogan for the solution of any problems. They will condemn you and give you instructions. But in their life the Word does not work, they do not strive to live by those principles which they so jealously protect. The result! - A barren life. Try to dig deeply into such a person, ask him to do something, to take responsibility, and behold, out of his mouth comes pouring out arguments of your wrongness and evidence from the scriptures to back it up. Or there are can be another reaction- enthusiasm and oral agreement, public announcement of his agreement all over the church but ... it remains only as the words of one’s mouth.

33. The lost

The category of people who have not found a spiritual father or mother, some kind of a mentor or a coach to guide them, who would be interested in the destiny of such people. It is hard for them to move, to take the first step. They require   care, and need accountability to be required from them. If they are surrounded by a good environment, they will grow up as good leaders.

34. People with pain

Category of people who came to the church because of dire needs (illness, a drug addicted son, divorce, etc.) It is difficult for them to strive for any particular thing. Until they learn to trust God, they are constantly within the problem.

35. The sheep that are not of My fold

People who sow discord and disagreement, who do not want to be changed. Their friends are rebellion, murmur, unrest and slander. They perform the duties of tares.

36. People with no structure in their lifestyle

They are sincere believers, who constantly ask God to change them; they make a decision, but ... give up after a while. They have no system, no plans for their lives, and are instead ruled by their emotions. They look for motivation, instead of doing something without asking themselves if I am in the mood today to do anything...

37. Super spiritual people

Those who attend all night prayers, do not miss any event in the church, pray a lot, but ... do not act.

38. Troublemakers of the world

People who do not conform to the ways of evil, fiery Christians, but they often have difficulties with the team. They are not team players. If they work alone they succeed.

39. People who do not practice what they preach

All of us are able to say the slogans, try to inspire people "to rush into battle", but those are only words. People are very different at home: they can be irritated, they shout, they do not pray, they break each point which they motivate others to follow (pastors are not the exception). Their disciples do not have good examples, so they do not follow the teaching they listen to and take notes of. That is why there are no big changes in their lives.

40. Unable to realise their own dreams

Kneeling before God, people sincerely devote their lives to God, long to serve Him, to sacrifice, to work hard and be exhausted, BUT in reality, they are not able to “conquer themselves", their ambitions, laziness, pride, etc. Their dreams are still dreams.

People who live for themselves

41. "It’s not up to me" mentality

Instead of serving other people, many only prefer to learn lessons and receive encouragement, love, etc. As a result such people are always unhappy. That is why very many people do not believe that a man can live for other people’s sake, suffering and showing love.

People do not want to take responsibility for themselves nor for others.

Pastor Sunday can see that which is yet unseen. He has reached such a level and he prophesies the future. However, we do not.

42. You must cherish the chance you are given

We miss God’s gifts, because we do not ask for much. We do not believe that we can be great, so we waste God’s gifts.

43. The shallowness of the soul results in the shallowness of the world

The absence of great goals that motivate people. The man who does not understand his purpose, constantly abuses his time, talents, potential and relations with the people surrounding him. Such people value neither their own time nor anybody else’s time. All their time turns into idleness or achieving unimportant goals.

44. Laziness of mind and flesh

A man lets comfort and laziness take root in his life. These are the product of selfishness. Until a man lives for himself, he is too lazy to do anything; he does not want to develop himself. What for? Most people think like that: I am Ok without all these things. This is a slavish mentality and it does not allow many people to become history makers.

45. Absence of a civic stand

It is a consequence of the soviet mentality, according to which the party takes care of everything and you don’t have to think about your future, let alone about the government. This behavioral stereotype is still in the minds of many believers and unbelievers. It is a virus that takes over your way of thinking your actions. You can change it only by taking responsibility for the problem and making a decision to solve it.

46. “What if it doesn’t work?”

The fear of making mistakes and losing things. People often cannot start doing something or go into new things, because they are afraid of failing. And this fear of failure binds them even more. The reasons for it are hidden in the wrong upbringing. People have been raised in a system of authoritarianism, which did not allow any initiative and their initiative was therefore punished. That is why even though children have grown into adults, they still carry their childish fears. And now they have to go through the rehabilitation process of fatherlessness to get rid of former resentments and acquire new understanding of their existence as the only right way of development.

47. People do not want to pay such a serious price

Patience, efforts, and work on yourself… People still nourish the habit of relying on the party or somebody else. Mostly, people try to find a way around things: by paying a bribe, writing a cheat sheet etc., - to do only what they have to, simply because they have to. The true value is in paying the price of your participation, dedication, and patience in achieving goals by changing yourself.

48. People have become slaves of their own habits

They have built the system of their lives on unnecessary habits such as watching the TV, relaxing as much as they can; working while thinking only of having rest afterwards. In order to break out of the system, you need to stop this vicious circle and build a new one, but with the right priorities.

Either church members have not understood what it means to love God with all their heart, and all their soul… or they are not taught to seek God. Especially where it has to do with people who were not raised under the teachings of the ‘central church’, those, who are far from the ‘central table’.

Even if people were taught about a personal relationship with God, they were not taught to work on themselves, their personality, character, and flaws. They have never even thought that they need to do that. I believe that every daughter church and home group needs to start using the system of writing home assignments, teaching them to go deep into the teachings, analyzing, thinking, writing steps, etc.

And even then there will be people, who do not want to think by their own initiative. We can only pray for them. If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land, Isaiah 1:19.

49. Lack of activity and initiative

I think that the main reason is the lack of activity.

We can all speak eloquently, but not many actually do things. Our pastor is a man of words and action. Our people don’t know how to be proactive and take initiative. We are not used to taking action, and always wait until things start happening of their own accord.

50. Topwater fish

People perceive things superficially.

Not many really think about the true reasons why certain events or circumstances occur. People do not notice the most important things, but focus on the secondary ones. The reason for that is laziness and selfishness. It is hard to part with your dear self to understand pain and problems. We do not analyze ourselves deeply enough, the circumstances around, sermons, teachings. And even if we do, we do not then build strategies to implement our revelations into practical life.

51. Sailing around

Many are dependent on the opinion of others, both believers and unbelievers. They are afraid to step forward and move against the flow. We do not fully realize the seriousness of life, or the importance of time, we just live our lives like everyone else. The standards of this world are greater than those of God for us. It is easier for us to put up with the guidelines of this world, than it is for us to be obedient to God. We all are hoping for fortune, that something will happen and we will become successful, good, and God-fearing.

52. "Everything for nothing" mentality

You don’t really want to work or be bothered about things. We want to be like Pastor Sunday, but we do not want to pay the price he pays. We feel like receiving the laurels of glory, but don’t feel like toiling up for that.

53. Vanity

Disorganization in life

Constant vanity and disorder in your head and actions

You don’t know what you want, and therefore, do not know where to go. There are many factors which distract you and eat up your time and attention.

54. A hidden sin

We have hidden sins, and because of them we believe that we are not worthy and reproach ourselves. It is easier to accuse yourself for your entire lifetime, than to stand up, shake the dirt off your clothes, wash with the blood of Christ and go and act. Self-pity.

No plans or goals.

55. “What about a goal?”

There is no clear understanding of your goal.

No certain and necessary resources to realize this goal.

56. Compromise

We often agree to compromises.

The reason for it is partly in the historically developed archetypes, which have been formed over the centuries in hard conditions. I mean the history of Ukraine is the history of a land that suffered very much. It has been attacked by Turks, Mongol Tatars, and so on. And often in order to survive they had to go for compromises whether regarding their faith, or their consciousness.

57. The failure complex. “Poor me, everyone’s trying to take an advantage of me”

We are afraid of becoming like Nelson Mandela, Patrice Lumumba, Che Guevara – dissidents, reformers, revolutionaries; the reason is the lack of faith in yourself, your resources (i.e. in God, who lives in us), self-pity, and most important, the inferiority complex.

58. Taking off the cream

Until today we have been using a line of credit of blessings from our pastor. He paid the price for a breakthrough, and we simply ‘took off the cream’, and didn’t want to pay.

59. What a sight!..

Many do not maximize the opportunity of being in the church and walking together with great people. They just got used to looking at them, admiring them, but not learning from their experience.

60. Conservator or reserved?

Many people did not become reformers, because they remained inveterate conservators. And they protest within themselves (or outside) against any know-how (for instance, the teaching about a new generation, reformation of society, starting new social organizations). It’s easier to call it audacity and showing off.

61. Lack of understanding of principles and laws of life

Often people quote the Scriptures, but do not understand the meaning of them. It is the highest level of spiritual mania, when you claim to be holy and righteous, but in reality, you do not have sincere humility and intimacy with God. People want to show that they know God better than others, in such a way as to rise above others. It is a hidden form of vanity and arrogance.

62. Eternal vagabonds

No one can change such people, for they go wherever they want and hear whatever they want.

63.”An old coat”

A person who lives in the past and does not want to let it go. He has merged with all of his problems and circumstances that, like holes and hitches on his soul, spoil his outside world.

64. “Sleeping” people

These are the people who with all their spiritual and intellectual growth can become pastors or at least understand what pastor means, but unfortunately they are sleeping.

65. Cohabiting with God

They consciously do not want to do God’s work: “God, You are by Yourself, and I am by myself, but when I have problems I will turn to You. You are a merciful God.”

These people bow to the wishes of their flesh and intentions, especially those who seem inoffensive; they cannot win the war for their mind and focus.

66. People are burdened with different kinds of burden

(It is described in John Bevere’s book Moved by Eternity). Some become ensnared by illusion of safety, some by wealth, some want to be “good” and “adequate” for their family.

67. A weak Christian mentality

Sometimes people just really want to get a “medal”, finally they end up ignoring vital norms of righteousness and holiness for the sake of the task and service’s fulfillment. They cut corners, and thus serve as terrible examples for the people who follow in their path.

Pastor Sunday reminds us of a direction sign. He points out directions that we must take, but we do not follow these directions and stand beside them (building bushes here).We rejoice, without understanding that it is not enough just to know directions, as blessings come only when we reach our destination.

68. “For appearances’ sake”

People attend church just for “appearance’s sake” not asking the questions: why did I come to church today and how will I be changed after today’s message?

Many people communicate with God only during church for “appearance’s sake.”Some of them never get answers to their prayers from God. For some of them God is Santa Claus in Heaven Who forgives everything and gives presents. There are also those people who are ready to receive from God, but not to give back. That is why they have no changes in their lives. Without God people are not able to love others, and it is not possible to serve people without love.

69. The crowd mentality

People think it is more than enough to be the member of the Embassy of God church. But God does not see everyone as a crowd and «merely a small cog in a giant wheel”, but as an individual who has a special plan and calling from God.

70. To think or not to think

Pastor tries to sort all his thoughts, desires, goals, tasks, and ways of self-improvement out. But we never do it like he does.

71. “Did I make it up myself?” syndrome

Before doing something, people prefer to “hear from God”. Pastor is also waiting for a confirmation from God, but it comes during the process not before the start. God will never tell you anything until you exhaust every task which you are able to do on your own.

72. The wrong foundation

For example, a person comes to a church, and he immediately gets thrown into the line of fire: being taught about leadership, prosperity, and being forced to begin a social service ministry, while he still has not learned the meaning of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and what faith is.

73. Not enough actions to change yourself and your surrounding

A person fears to make an attempt again and again, thus he gets used to passiveness. It reminds one of a baby elephant tied to the iron post, and every time he was trying to break away he stopped because of the pain. He eventually stopped trying, remembering that any attempt brings pain. When an elephant grows up, his understanding remains the same. If he would only pull the string he could knock down the whole wall, but he doesn’t. The same thing happens with the person who remembers his last defeats and pains, and does not even attempt any endeavour.

74. Living beyond one’s means

People make themselves appear better than they are in reality. This is some kind of hypocrisy when a person projects himself as someone he is not in real life. Living beyond one’s means drives people into slavery of debts, a world of appearances and other people’s opinions.

75. Walking on the water

Other people hear what they have to do, feel the special anointing, eager to do something, and even make first steps. As time passes, enthusiasm and power of the initial decision vanish into thin air. The problem here is that anointing is making one’s life, not faith. Without developing our faith we will never learn how to “walk on the water”, and to do the kind of work that Jesus did.

76. Inability to build and work systematically

When people would like to help with the solution of a definite problem, instead of a systematic approach so the root of the problem itself (i.e. drug addiction, alcoholism etc.) can be eliminated, a local approach (help to one drug-addict, one alcoholic, one homeless, one prostitute) is used. As a result we have a low effectiveness, and small scales of influence.

There is also a spiritual aspect of the problem. Let’s remember the story when Jesus was walking on the water, and Peter told Him: "Lord, if it’s you…." Peter replied, "tell me to come to you on the water." (Matthew14:28)

Suppose that people need a revelation from God. A person cannot act without revelations, “command” from God. This is possible only having close relationships with God that many people lack of.

77. Lack of faith

Sometimes we ought to switch off our human logic. Statistics says that only 3 % of people are the history makers. So it is easier for most people to think that they belong to another group (97%) of average, mediocre people.

78. “This has nothing to do with me” mentality

That is the national philosophy named “That has nothing to do with me,” which means “It is not my problem”, “what is that to me?”

It sounds terrible, but most people lack so-called “narrow life circumstances”. Under pressure you think and act quicker than being in a dangerous zone of comfort.

79. Thick skin

Quite a lot of us know and see problems that exist in our society. We become indignant. The reason we do not have the final result - eradication of this problem- is concealed in the fact that we have not felt this problem deeply on our own skin. This was the pain of God that ought to be eliminated but could not touch our hearts deeply because of our thick skin. It means that we apprehended a problem on an intellectual and even emotional level, but have not done it on a physical one. Let’s choose for example, the problem of homeless people. It would be better to spend several nights on the street and to starve. Probably, it would help to understand the pain of these people better. It is clear why, for example, ex-drug addicts and ex-alcoholics struggle to solve the problem of drug addiction and alcoholism. The truth is that solution of the aforementioned problem is the responsibility not only of the former aggrieved people, but of society as a whole.

80. Indecisiveness

It can be explained by wrong perception of oneself. People do not make their own decisions! They have a low self-esteem and near-sighted plans.

81. I do not care for more

People are satisfied with what they have today and think “I go to church, it is good. I wish some changes would come, I am opened to whatever”. People of this kind are not motivated to move on.

82. “Old wineskins”

People do not advance, do not gain new knowledge and are not willing to overcome hardships in new areas of life. Such people are not able to help others with their problems; they are dependent on traditions and principles of the present-day society.

83. Give me a break!

People prefer to have more fun and do less work.

84. Lost generation

People do not have basic knowledge and are ignorant and uneducated.

85. Low standards

People do not follow high standards in life.

86. Neglect the sacrifice

People do not realize the sacrifice Jesus has made for them.

87. Average level

We are not surrounded by successful people.

88. Mediocrity

Give the minimum and live at the minimal level, not to give more than asked for and receive nothing more; to follow society’s role.

89. Work and toil at someone’s expense

Have the desire to change the world, yet only observing without actions.

90. “Please do not persecute me”

The fear of being persecuted by law enforcement agencies without cause.

91. Listens, but quickly forgets

A listener, but not a doer.

92. Living within the church walls

Living within the protective environment of the church, seeking to live on the mountain tops, not willing to walk through the valleys. Satisfied to receive effortless victories, not willing to sacrifice for the better good of the Lord. Not comprehending the conditions of Heaven.

93. To store away

To collect the information and not apply it.

94. it’s not my fault

The intention of blaming others for your mistakes and failures.

The tendency to find a “scapegoat” to take the attention off yourself.

Tunnel vision. Inability to look to the right or left.

People pick and choose what they want to interpret and accept from the Scripture to satisfy their needs.

Tossed by the waves.

Our inability to use our opportunities and potential to maximize our abilities.

We tend to put God in a box by our lack of awe of Him.

A tendency to backslide.

The habit of maintaining status quo, because changes require effort, perseverance and endurance.

Inadequacy of words, actions and lifestyle.

The inability to humble yourself to be a servant, and execute a less desirable task.


Misuse of our bodies and soul that leads to physical, mental and spiritual exhaustion.


We have no desire to act.

Dependency on a strong leader.

Inability to be flexible in all situations.

95. Let me postpone it

People often promise many things without commitment, because they can’t manage their time.

I think the main difference between Pastor Sunday and us is the way he perceives life. As we read in Proverbs 23:7 “For as he (the man) thinks within himself, so he is” and Isaiah 55:8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts”. Our intellect influences our character, behaviour, actions and values. We are trying to define the “stumbling blocks” in the believers’ thinking that prevent them from becoming like Pastor Sunday.

96. Lock down

People close up when they face hardships. They do not know how to ask or reach out for help.

97. Silence is unnoticed

We are unwilling to expose our weaknesses and failures.

98. I am just like you

We are influenced by others’ opinions of us (both believers and non-believers).

99. Ego

When people are self-absorbed in satisfying their desires even at the cost of others, they appear to live shallow lives.

Pastors and leaders are tempted to adopt this same lifestyle too, not realizing that their actions are the same.

100. "Dosimeter"

Dosimeter is a device that measures the level of radiation. It’s super spirituality. These people come to measure the anointing, the depth of the pastor, they will measure everything and everyone. They measure everything except, of course, themselves, for the simple reason that they have neither time nor energy, and they simply do not wish to.

101. “One is as good as none”

This category of people always talks about a team, its importance and the need to achieve the goal, but they do it themselves, because they think they can do it better than most.

102. "Yesterday"

It includes people who have not been able to switch their mind to live for the future. They live by the past, by how good it was, by who they were before. About them Lermontov wrote:

- Tell me, uncle, was it really in vain

That Moscow, in flames,

Was surrendered to the French?

For weren’t there furious battles,

People still talk about them!

It’s no wonder that all Russia remembers

The day of Borodino!

- Yes, those were real men in our time,

A mighty, audacious tribe:

Giants - not like you!

Bad luck was their lot:

Not many returned from the battlefield.

Had it not been the will of God,

Moscow would not have been lost.

103. "Trash Bins"

This category of people who keep everything that falls into their mind. They are not picky about information. They read everything, hear everything and believe everything.

104. “Radio-FM “

Every situation they view as revolutionary, "when the lower classes cannot and leaders do not want to." They feel that their solemn duty is to take arms and change the situation with the help of revolution. They do not understand that it can only destroy, never having learned how to build the world around them. They see only the shortcomings, not noticing the merits.

105. "Centipede"

This category of people who begin many things, but they never finish. They have a lot of undertakings (40 feet), but nothing changes, neither in them nor around them.

106. " Lady’s purse"

The heads of these people contain many different and useful things, but when something is finally needed it’s impossible to find it. They have not learned how to practice their skills. Scripture says about such people: "A lot of bread is in the field of the poor, but many die from the disorder. In other words, their problem is the vanity of mind and as a result the vanity of action.

107. " An amphibian"

This is also a category of super spirituality. They are always looking for depth and, consequently, they cannot live in the real world, to walk on land with their feet.

108. Absence of clear life goals

I live, and thank God the day is over and it was good. It is written: do not worry about tomorrow ... so why do you have to make an effort to focus or move. It’s all right as it is.

109. Broken life priorities

A person is active in the church when there are problems in his life. But as soon as God blesses him, he is easily switched to the object of blessing: business, family, work ... "God has given me this, I must now put all my efforts to justify the confidence.

110. Inability to live everyday as if it were the last

There are a lot of invisible tails, chains and shackles that keep him attached to an earthly life. How many of us are ready now to go to Heaven? - The lack of true freedom.

111. Means of achieving the purpose substitute the purpose itself

When we get a hold of the means, such as money, status, position, connections, it suddenly becomes ours vital concern, shifting our priority off the purpose itself.

112. The Swamp of Information

"People say you must live every day as if it were the last. So why do I have to work hard? Nothing holds me in this life. Why do they then talk about life goals? They would only tie me down? I do not understand this, so it’s not for me. "But the pastor said?! Let everything resolve by itself. It so happened with KC.

113. Ingratitude

Everything gets taken for granted.

114. The Crowd Psychology

There are few individual qualities and there are no individual opinions.

115. Self-justification

I am already a believer. I pray, I do not swear, I do not drink, I do not smoke, I go to the service and I even serve on Thursdays - What more do you want from me?"

116. Low self-esteem

Few people actually realize who they are and where they’re from, and the entire fullness of their strength and capabilities?

117. Hypocrisy

Lack of sincerity: behaving like someone you are not in real life.

118. My last success is not my first enemy

Satisfied with the level of rural champion, I’m better than at least one person, so I can be proud of it all my life.

119. We bustle

Bustling has become a national trait, and we do not even notice it. Jesus said that our “Yes” should be “Yes” and our “No” should be “No”, and liars do not inherit God’s Kingdom.

120. “I am sorry, but I will not be present”

Pastor discovered this trait in his home groups. He took notice that absent people were mostly those who did not do homework. After only 6 months pastor understood that it was a well known tradition of our people. They took that habit from school, cutting school lessons or written tests.

121. “Perhaps I will manage somehow”, “Maybe the danger will pass me by”, “What if it’ll work anyway”, “God will help”, “God will give”

Pastor learned this Russian word “AVOS’” or English “PERHAPS” because of the tragedy of “King’s Capital”. That time he started thinking of why people did not follow his teaching. Some of them did not even read the contract. They just brought money following somebody’s suggestion or example. Pastor understood that it is a nationwide phenomenon, although the word “perhaps” is neither a quality of God’s Kingdom nor of “five star” Christians. This is a culture of slapdash and if Christian people live with this motto, they are slapdash Christians.

122. Looking forward to T.G.I.F. or a holiday

They live from the weekend to the weekend. Idleness, lack of diligence and misunderstanding the blessing of labour can make people live driven only by holiday, vacation or weekend. God did not create us for relaxation. God is the Creator. We were not created for rest, relaxation or pleasure. God created us as creative people in His image. He worked for 6 days and he took a rest for only one day. If you are going to relax, make sure that you have worked 7 times more.

123. Fatherlessness

This is the root of inadequate behaviour of people in church. They did not accept God as their Father, they live with complexes and cannot become full-fledged Christians. Those people compare God to their physical father who was very strict or probably they did not have a father, or they grew up with a stepfather. That is why there are so many consequences of fatherlessness – at the age of 18 children leave home, get married too early just to run away from home. Adultery and unfaithfulness occur, disloyalty to God, then to pastor.

124. Great trifles

We often do not pay attention to little things which seem to be unimportant, but they indeed define our character and our life.

125. Narrow-minded provincial mentality

We got used to thinking provincially and narrowly. We do not see the whole situation, but only small “islands“ and we build our assumption and conclusion on them.

126. Inability to be focused on work, inability to live by principle. “Though dogs are barking, the caravan keeps going” (We are the caravan)

We need to remain focused. If I decide to set a goal and do something, I must complete everything independent of social opinion. We need to make everything work in accordance with the aim we set.

127. Inability to get over somebody’s success and to be glad for other people

“Nothing can make a Ukrainian happier than his neighbour’s problems”. This is not Christian behaviour. The Bible says: “Rejoice with those who rejoice”.

128. Inability to see opportunities

We do not have perceptiveness and do not see details, but the details contain 98% of success.

129. Pseoudograteful people are generous for giving thanks, they always applaud and approve all the decisions of their leader, but they do not change.

They will applaud until the leader hits their sore spot.

130. Miracle-workers are people who do not understand the law of conservation of energy: nothing can appear from nothing, but they wait for a supernatural miracle without making any efforts.



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