Choosing the Best Dog Kennel for Your Canine Friend

Regardless of where you live, ensuring your canine friend has an appropriate living environment is crucial. In fact, some cities and states require that dogs have proper dog boarding and housing both inside and out. Recently, neighborhood associations have also jumped on this bandwagon and created rules and regulations that require dog owners ensure their dog is confined to an outdoor kennel in a fenced in yard.

Whether you are a fan of dog kennels or not, you can’t dispute the fact that dogs often feel secure in a spacious kennel outdoors. As a bonus, it keeps them out of trouble. If you have decided it’s time to set up a kennel for your dog, here’s the information you need to make it perfect.

The Primary Difference between Indoor and Outdoor Kennels

First, be aware that outdoor kennels require a different setup than an indoor kennel. Outdoor kennels tend to be larger with enough room for the dog to move around in and are usually constructed from chain link fencing, while the smaller indoor kennels may be made of chain link, wire, or plastic. Whether you are purchasing an indoor or outdoor kennel, it’s important to be sure your dog will have enough room to move around and rest without getting soaked by spilled water or having to lay in their mess. Ultimately, the size of the kennel you need is based on how large your dog is and how much room you have.

Materials to Choose From

A wide array of materials are used to construct kennels. You’ll want to look for one made of the material that is toughest and most durable, yet fits your budget and allotted space.

Indoor kennels are often made from plastic and can be easily destroyed by some dogs. Wire kennels are another option that tends to be more resistant to destruction and allows the dog to see his surroundings, but some dogs manage to escape them. Chain link is another viable option, though it used less frequently on indoor kennels.

Overall, I strongly suggest chain link or wire over plastic for an indoor kennel. However, if you have minimal space for it, plastic may be your best option.

Regarding outdoor kennels, chain link is by far the most popular choice. In addition to buying ready made kennels in stores, you can find people who will custom build them, though the price is often significantly higher.

Protection from the Elements

You should always be sure the kennel you choose will protect your dog from the elements. If you are putting one outside, be sure it has a roof on it or is under some type of cover. If you opt for an igloo dog house, be sure it has a flap over the front to provide added protection in bad weather.

When you think about it, a dog kennel is much than just a fence to keep your dog corralled when you aren’t home. It’s his or her little home, which is why it is so important to consider your purchase carefully. In the end, choose the one that will make your dog feel safe, secure, and happy.

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